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Ski tours at Feuerkogel Ski touring paradise in tourism region of Traunsee

The sunny high plateau of the Feuerkogel provides numerous opportunities for ski tourers. Whether you head out on your own steam, or go with a guide, it’s entirely up to you.

There are ski tour routes in all difficulty levels, for beginners and also for the advanced - from a simple half-day tour to a multi-day ski tour on the mountain - Höllengebirge.

NEW: Signposted ski touring routes!
There are NEW signposted ski tour routes at Feuerkogel high plateau, perfect for ski tour newcomers or ski tourers who want to enjoy a relaxed tour (signposting: blue ski tourer sign on red poles)

NEW: Signposted Ski touring route

Route No. Ski touring route tour type
No. 1 ski tour to Riederhütte open terrain
No. 2 ski tour to Höllkogel open terrain
No. 3 ski tour to Hochschneid open terrain
No. 4 ski tour to Gsoll piste ski tour

You get detailled route information on the ski tours (Riederhütte and Höllkogel) with height profiles and GPS coordinates on the ski touring site of the tourism region Traunsee Almtal in the Salzkammergut. 

Please note! You are in high alpine terrain, so "Safety First" applies! Ski touring without a guide at your own risk!

Tip: A popular destination for ski tourers is the Riederhütte, where you can recover from the the tour and have a cosy stop-off.

NEW: ski tour ticket

Are you a ski touring newcomer and don't have any ski touring equipment? Would you like to try out the latest ski touring models or simply start your ski touring day comfortably from the Feuerkogel mountain station without having to carry your equipment around?

Then get the NEW ski tour ticket (cable car ride + rental ski touring set): Ski tour ticket »

Tip: Ski tour with a guide!

We recommend all ski tour newcomers who are putting their skins in the snow for the first time or ski tourers who want to improve their skills to let a ski tour guide lead them safely through the mountains.

Offers for guided tour from local mountain guides "Die Salzkammergut Bergführer":

The local ski school Skischule Neuhuber will be glad to help you arrange guided ski tours and course. 

Ski tours: please note! Safety first in open terrain (off piste)

Despite the easy accessibility of the Feuerkogel by cable car, please do not forget that you are in high alpine terrain!

  • Careful tour planning is essential and gauge your ability and endurance realistic
  • Please note the weather forecast, all tours should only be undertaken when visibility is good.
  • Find out about the current situation from the avalanche situation report: avalanche warning service Upper Austria »
  • Don't forget the emergency equipment (avalanche transceiver, avalanche probe, shovel, first aid kit and a cell phone) 
  • The use of touring equipment and skins is required for the tours listed.
  • Plan breaks: Fluid and breaks are necessary to have enough energy for the whole ski tour.
  • Ski touring without a guide (mountain guide) at your own risk.
  • In open terrain, never trust existing tracks! They are no guarantee of avalanche safety and can lead in the completely wrong direction - or straight into a sinkhole.
  • Save the phone number for emergencies. the lift company (+43 50 140) and the Mountain Rescue No(140) on the cell phone. If you get into a hollow without reception - take out your SIM card and call 112!
  • Respect nature: Be considerate of wild animals, respect protected areas and do not enter reforested areas

Safety first in the open terrain (off piste/backcountry)!

NEW: Ski touring ticket

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