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Safety tips: Skiing Tips for an undisturbed skiing pleasure

For accident-free skiing and tobogganing pleasure, please pay attention to some safety tips:

Make sure you have the right equipment

  • Before every season you should have your ski and binding checked by a professional expert.
  • Wear your ski helmet!  Not only during skiing, but also during sledding, many accidents occur in which the head is affected.
  • What is good for children can not be bad for adults. Adult skiers and snowboarders are just as at risk as children. Be an example and wear a helmet on the slopes.

TIP: Rent your skiing gear

The Feuerkogel ski school now offers a special service: skis, snowboards, skiboots, poles, ... to rent for the whole season (The offer is only valid as long as stocks last). A storage bonus is available for families!

On the piste

  • Get warmed up! Your muscles react faster when your body is warmed up, which means many injuries to ligaments and joints can be prevented.
  • Do some playful exercises with your children, such as jumping jack or have a snowball fight. It’s a lot of fun and warms your body up
  • Since the effect of the warm up disappears quickly after sitting or standing for a long time, you should do your warm-up exercises after your lift journey
  • Take regular breaks. Accident statistics show a high correlation between the symptoms of fatigue, such as lack of concentration, and increased accident frequency.

You can also prevent accidents by adhering to a few piste rules:

  • Always look up before you set off
  • Don't confuse the slopes with a ski race track
  • Don’t leave the secured pistes
  • Don't stand in a spot with poor visibility
  • Give slower skiers a priority
  • Only go up/down the edge of the piste, and take a break
  • Don’t drink any alcohol (it decreases the reactivity t and leads to overestimate your own abilities)


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