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Franzi's Drachenpark Learn to ski in the kinderland at Feuerkogel

Franzi, the shy Feuerkogel dragon with super-hero qualities, needs a play area where he can let off steam with the other mini Feuerkogel visitors. The new dragon park with lots of fun ways to learn skiing and play in the snow awaits you!

Whether little ski rookies or beginner skiers, in the extended kinderpark area of the 'Drachenpark', everyone becomes an enthusiastic skier. The new tow-lift with 55m and the two conveyor belts with 9m and 24m as well as the additional new slopes are perfect to learn the first turns.

Funny pistes, a seesaw, colorful gates and poles and much more ensure a great winter time for all the little Feuerkogel fans!

And our Franzi is already looking forward to the many heroic deeds, he'll perform in the Feuerkogel dragon park!

It's so easy learn to ski!

The Feuerkogel is the ideal play field for all little skiers to pull their first carving turns across the ski slope.

And as learn to ski with the right ski turn is really fun, the kind ski instructors of the  Schi- & Snowboardschule Feuerkogel  show the youngest skiers the right technique. Learning to ski at the Feuerkogel is so easy. 

TIP: Rent your skiing gear

The Feuerkogel ski school now offers a special service: skis, snowboards, skiboots, poles, ... to rent for the whole season (The offer is only valid as long as stocks last). A storage bonus is available for families!

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