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Karst & Skinkhole adventure trail Unforgettable experience at the Feuerkogel

The new Karst & Sinkhole adventure trail with the mountain pine labyrinth offers an unforgettable experience of nature for young and old on the Feuerkogel high plateau in the Salzkammergut.

Past scenic viewpoints, trails through mountain pines, imposing rock formations and ice-age relics, you'll discover a lot of interesting facts from the information boards on the new hiking trail at Feuerkogel about the geological history of the 'Höllengebirge' 

On the information boards you'll also find interesting background information on the formation of the karst rocks and sinkholes. The karst rocks, by the way, are recognizable by the holed structure (Ponore).

The highlight of the new Karst & Sinkhole adventure trail is the Mountain Pine Labyrinth with its winding trails and cozy resting places - a fun experience for the entire family.

Hike at Karst & Sinkhole adventure trail

The hike starts at the mountain station of the Feuerkogel cable car, which leads you across the high plateau with a magnificent view of the entire breadth of the northern Kalkalpe ut to the mountain station of the 8-seater cable car 'Gsoll'.

From there, hike past the new Karst and Sinkhole Adventure Trail to the pine-scented woods, quaint alpine pastures, and impressive geological formations that offer a fantastic glimpse of the geology from a long-ago time, up to the Mountain Pine Labyrinth.  

During the hike, you can discover the karst rocks with their perforated structure (ponoes) and the funnel-shaped sinkholes. Find out more about formation and geology on the info boards that border the hiking trail. 

You can hike back from the Mountain Pine Labyrinth to the new Karst and Sinkhole Adventure Trail or take the gentle alpine meadow path back to the mountain station of the Feuerkogel cable car.

For experienced hikers ONLY: the 'old Kaiserweg' is a special challenge. The climb (only for experienced hikers!) leads directly along a fault line (gorge-like rock formations) on the northeast flank of the 'Helmeskogel' back to the 'Sattelalm'.

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