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Alberfeldkogel Via Ferrata The 'HTL Wels fixed rope course' at the Feuerkogel

Enthusiastic climbers can enjoy at the Via Ferrata Alberfeldkogel the pleasures of climbing at the highest level here on the sunniest spot in Upper Austria, at the heart of the untouched nature.

The climbing route is located on the plateau of the Höllengebirge and was built on the north-east edge of the Alberfeldkogel, which is near the mountain station of the Feuerkogel cable car .

On the steel rope and by footsticks you climb on the Via Ferrata the ridge up to the Europe Cross, one of the most popular viewing points in the Salzkammergut.

Enjoy on your climbing tour the impressive landscape of Upper Austria's sunniest high plateau with the breathtaking panoramic view of the Dachstein glacier and the glittering Traunsee in the valley.

Via ferrata tour info HTL Wels via ferrata /Alberfeldkogel

Naturfreunde Ebensee

Key facts:

  • Entrance: near Alberfeldkogel
  • Difficulty B/C/D
  • Length ap. 400 m
  • Height difference ap. 140 m
  • Duration 3.5 hours including getting there

From the mountain station of the Feuerkogel cable car westwards to Alberfeldkogel. You get to a 'Sattel' in front of the Alberfeldkogel. There, on the right, is path to the via ferrata access.

From Alberfeldkogel peak on the hikint trail back to Feuerkogel cable car.

Via ferrata gear / mandatory:

  • Climbing harness with climbing protection
  • Climing helmet
  • First aid kid

Safety on the Via Ferrata:
Tips 'Österreichischen Bergrettung'

Naming of the via ferrata?

In cooperation with the municipality of Ebensee, Naturfreunde and HTL Wels, the fixed rope course was officially opened on 20 May 2011. The naming took place due to the commitment, which the HTL Wels put into the project implementation.

Feuerkogel-Seilbahn mit Blick auf die blühende Almwiese und die Berggipfel

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