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Snow making facilities Modern snow making facilities at the Feuerkogel

On the 24th of November 2015 in the late afternoon it was finally time. The first of 46 snow cannons went into operation in the Feuerkogel ski resort. The pistes Gsoll, Gruber and the children's kinderland at the Feuerkogel are covered by snow of the new snow making facilities. 

The snow cannons of SUFAG run at 3.5 liters / second per snow cannon. With the cooling towers, the water can be cooled down from 6 degrees to 1 degree to produce more snow in a short time.

Some of the snow cannons are fixed on towers and the mobile devices can be docked at 100 upper and lower-floor hydrants.

Interesting details for all numbers fans: There were

  • 10,200 meters of snow-making pipelines installed
  • 9,800 meters of control cables installed
  • 100 top and bottom hydration hydrants
  • 6 pieces of slide shafts and
  • 54 (!) modern snow cannons

The water for the snowmaking equipment is taken from the valley of the stream 'Langbathbach' near the cable car valley station. 

Technical data

Pump station valley station:
The water is taken from the stream 'Langbathbach' via a extraction structure on the right bank of the river. The two main pumps of the plant have a capacity of 60 l / s each and enable a discharge height of 590 m.

Pump station Gsoll valley station:
The pressure booster station is located at an altitude of approx. 1,060 m. The pressure booster is controlled by two pumps at a flow rate of max. 120 l / s and a discharge height of 545 m. designed. A cooling tower with 6 cooling towers was also installed at this pressure booster station.

Pump station Eselrast:
The pressure booster station is located at an altitude of 1,375 m and is equipped with two pumps, each 40 l / s and 300 m discharge height.


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